Truly skillful sales tactics involve mastering the art of speaking and persuasion: a skillset that incorporates the ability to choose the best words to close deals, engage the potential client’s peak interests and ultimately, gain their trust. Two components to consider before the sales call are determining which words would encourage and assist the sale, and which ones could potentially screw it up.

Our brains are wired to release stress-inducing hormones and neurotransmitters when processing words with negative connotations, which directly disrupts the ability to think logically and rationally. Therefore, using the correct words to your advantage during your sales call should considered your best weapon, while negative words would prove to be lethal in the battle of sales.


Here we listed our top 7 words/phrases NEVER to use in your sales call

1. “Trust me”

It sounds counterintuitive, but this phrase generates a lot of distrust. You cannot expect someone to trust you, if they do not know you well. Be it a business relationship or a personal one, trust is meant to be earned and gained. Match your words with your actions, and implement what you say. Being trusted means being reliable.

2. “To be honest with you”

This implies that you have not been totally truthful, up to this point. This will lead to your potential prospect questioning your ethics and trustworthiness, because a factor of doubt has originated in their mind.

3. “Sorry to bother you”

Hearing this phrase will prompt the obvious question: why are you, then, calling in the first place? Don’t apologize for your time, your time is too valuable to apologize for.

4. “Just following up”

The word follow-up has been overused in business so many times, it automatically triggers an expected reaction about being sold to and will sound too “salesy.”

5. “Buy”

This word, instinctively, has a negative psychological effect and will trigger emotions of resistance and tension. Instead, use phrases like, “Would you like to take this home with you? Is this something you would like to own?”

6. “Contract”

This word is tied to the idea of long-term commitments, which most people are hesitant to accept. Using words like “agreement” instead of “contract” will sound a little less harsh and much more hassle-free.

7. “I haven’t heard back from you”

Don’t annoy the prospective client by asking them why haven’t they contacted you back. It automatically brings their guard up. Instead of embarrassing them by asking that question, just add value to your conversation. Show your prospect that you are consistently maintaining communication with them, and always bringing and adding value. In time, the prospect will naturally want to do business with you.

We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and comment on your own personal experiences! What other phrases/words have you heard or used, which you think could be harmful, during a sales call?